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Customer cannot grant CBR Admin access to partner user

My customer cannot grant CBR Admin access to my user account. I walked the DA through adding my external account via CSAM, and my account is found, but the CBR roles are all greyed out. It looks like I have some issue with the way my account is structured, that is preventing the DA from assigning me as a CBR Admin. I can provide relevant details via PM. 



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Supriya Patel
Cisco Employee

Hi User,


Please provide below in private message.


ICCOID for the user who is looking for access:

Partner company name:

Partner user/CCO id:

Partner company DA:


Customer company name:

Customer CCOID id:

Customer company DA CCOID/name (if known):


Contract number which is common between customer and partner company:


Screenshot of error:



Hello Supriya,
Thanks for your assistance with this issue. Below are the details that you requested. I am standing up a new SNTC Portal and collector for The*** (the customer), and we set Eri*** as the initial DA. We have all of their internal users provisioned, and they tested their access successfully to the Portal. However, when trying to setup my account as a CBR Admin, we get an error. I spoke with Cuyler Josey at Cisco, who asked me to reach out to the community for support in this matter. His thought was that this was a provisioning issue on my CCO ID.

ICCOID for the user who is looking for access: joh***
Partner company name: Pre***
Partner user/CCO id: joh***
Partner company DA: I’m not sure about this one.

Customer company name: The***
Customer CCOID id: eri***
Customer company DA CCOID/name (if known): eri***

Contract number which is common between customer and partner company: The customer registered as DA with contract # 200***. Pre*** has a contract with The*** for SNTC support. That contract is # 201***, and I should be associated to it. We confirmed that with Cisco before we kicked off the work.

Screenshot of error: I am working on getting a screenshot of the issue, but it is basically the example below, only with all CBR-related roles greyed out. The contract that we used to register the initial DA had Pre*** listed as the “Bill To”, so I’m thinking that there is just a problem with some setting on my specific CCO ID that is preventing us from adding me as a CBR Admin.

*** Text has been masked to preserve data privacy.  Please provide personally identifiable information via private message, and only at the request of our experts. Thank you!

Hi John,


Thanks for providing detail information on this. I checked and noticed that company association is not done for the user who is looking for CBR role. This steps needs to be done via partner company DA. As per provided guide in private message, please follow the steps and let me know if you have any question.