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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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Does my Smartnet Contract allow me to download and install the Collector Device

We have three contracts that are all listed as SNT-SNTC which I take to mean Smartnet and Smart Net Total Care.


We had a conference call with our vendor and Cisco that essentially wanted to sell us the installation of a local device virtual appliance(OVA) and configuration with Cisco's SmartNet Portal.  On the call they mentioned the good part of this is we already have access to the device and services they would just install, monitor and maintain.


I decided to try the install myself and did not have any issues but now cannot get Cisco to provide the Entitlement Zip file to complete the process.  

I am being told we don't have access to that CSP Collector device and yet I have it installed already.   Is the local appliance not part of the SmartNet Total Care support?


Any thoughts?  

Cisco Employee

Good Afternoon, my name is

Good Afternoon, my name is Lynden and I'll be helping you with your question.

There are currently a few ways to get Smart Net Total Care, so I'd like to help clarify your current situation.

Could you let me know where you obtained the collector OVA and what the file name was? That will help me determine what path you should take so I can assist further.

Thank you,



One of the Cisco engineers

One of the Cisco engineers provided me with a three day code to download the file the name is


Cisco Employee

Good evening,To enable the

Good evening,

To enable the features of the SNTC portal, you currently have two options:

1) Wait until the release of CSPC 2.5, after which you will have access to a link to download the 2.5 OVA. Earlier versions require a TAC engineer to deploy and configure. The announcement of this release will be posted to the community.

2) Use the file import feature on the SNTC portal:

You can access the portal itself by going here:

Here is a link to the portal user guide that should go into more detail about the full list features you can use and reports you can generate:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,



Thanks I will give that a try

Thanks I will give that a try.  You don't know anything about phone firmware do you?


I cannot get the .load files

I cannot get the .load files recognized by the CU OS admin.  States no valid file using ftp.


Recommendation in another forum is to load cm keys version 3 cop but I don't know what that does and fell cautions about installing willy nilly.


Cisco Employee

I don't know anything abou

I don't know anything about that, but if you post your questions to the IP Telephony community:

They should be able to assist you there.

Thank you,



Hi Lynden, Do you have any

Hi Lynden, 

Do you have any idea when the CSPC 2.5 release is expected to be available on CCO?



Cisco Employee

Hi Alex,The release should be

Hi Alex,

The release should be posted in the next week or two.




Great. Thanks for the quick

Great. Thanks for the quick reply.

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