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Firepower 2120 not uploading to smartnet portal

In our CSPC collector our Firepower device is being listed as a Router with IOS XR as the OS.  I think I read somewhere that this is a bug that may be corrected with an update in the future.

The main issue is that while it is able to have the data collected, the device will not upload into our smartnet portal to see whether or not we have support on it.

Can someone please assist?

Cisco Employee

Re: Firepower 2120 not uploading to smartnet portal

This is due to bug CSCvi59968.  There was a collection work-around for this done in CSPC 2.8.  What version of CSPC are you running?  Can you explain what you mean that it will not upload to the smartnet portal?  If you have it managed in CSPC and you have done a successful inventory collection and then done an upload, what is making you believe it is not uploading into the portal?


Re: Firepower 2120 not uploading to smartnet portal

I am currently on version 2.8 although it seems to be stuck at apply-in-progress.

The device is collected and is listed in the managed devices.  When I log onto our smartnet portal, I cannot locate the device by hostname or ip address.

Wanted to see if the device was covered under a smartnet contract, but the device doesn't seem to exist despite being collected.

Cisco Employee

Re: Firepower 2120 not uploading to smartnet portal

Can you send me a private message with your Customer Name, the CSPC Appliance ID (looks like CSP0009xxxxxxx) and the IP address of the managed FPR-2120? You can also check in CSPC report for the Collected Data from your last inventory collection to verify that the SNMP data was collected.
Cisco Employee

Re: Firepower 2120 not uploading to smartnet portal

Repeating from private message for benefit of forum: I see this host there in one of the inventories. There is no serial number I believe because when you talk to the ASA's IP address, it doesn't have visibility over the underlying FXOS. If you also add the FXOS management IP for the FPR-2100, you'll get the additional hardware attributes.
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