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Cisco Employee

Who told you it was not

Who told you it was not possible?  We're doing it with many customers.  Did you open a TAC case?  If so, what was the case number?


638249045 Unable to Collect

638249045 Unable to Collect VoIP Phone data via CSPC
Cisco Employee

Looks like the case was

Looks like the case was closed because you were not entitled to TAC support vs. that it is not possible.

Cisco Employee

Hello Dennis,

Hello Dennis,

Do you have both a Call Manager Publisher and Subscriber?

For VOIP collections, we will want to use the subscribers.   Can you please check to make sure the subscriber has the SNMP service enabled (this is enabled in the Call Manager UI) and also if you can perform the SNMP Walk mentioned above?

Thank you,



Hello, I'm having a similar

Hello, I'm having a similar problem where I do not see the IP Phones listed on the SNTC Portal for my customer.


I've logged into the CSPC as root and runt the snmpwalk command successfully against the OID for my PUB and both SUBS.


I've run the collection profile and waited for the processing to be completed on the Portal.. What other steps can I take so that I can see the IP Phones listed in my inventory on SNTC Portal?



Good Luck I never got this to

Good Luck I never got this to work.

Also never got Collector to maintain firewalls, it is pretty much useless for our needs.

Then if you need help, they want a service contract even though it is supposed to be free.

Ditched it and went else where.


I'm hopeful somebody will

I'm hopeful somebody will respond with some next steps to try.  I was able to see information about my Access Points in the SNTC once I enabled my WLC for SNMP and re-ran the collection.


From what I've read on different threads, the same solution should work to see Cisco IP Phones..


Any assistance from anybody would be great.



Cisco Employee

Hi bwalsh,

Hi bwalsh,

In the collector GUI, go to Reports > Collection Profile Run Summary and view the data for the latest inventory. Then find the call manager in the managed device list and see if the phones are listed there.

Alternatively you can get the transport file and do a manual search for them. Either way, that will confirm if the issue is with the collector or with the portal and we can troubleshoot further.




Hi Lynden, thanks for the

Hi Lynden, thanks for the quick response.


I don't see any data in the Collection Profile Run Summary (any data at all).. maybe I'm not understanding how to view it.


Also, where do I find the transport file?  I'll look right now if you can let me know.



Cisco Employee

Hi bwalsh,

Hi bwalsh,

That seems to indicate that the inventory didn't run correctly. In the collector, if you go to Reports > Inventory Jobs, what is the date of the last successful inventory?




I re-checked the Collection

I re-checked the Collection Profile Run Summary, and was able to see my CM's listed in there.


When I clicked on my "main" subscriber, and click on the dropdown for the "Select Dataset", I see that number 5 for PhoneEntry is "Successful".  However, after I select it I get some kind of "invocation exception" popup in my browser.  I tried two different browsers (Safari and Firefox).

When I choose my other subscriber that has way less phones registered to it, and then select 5 for PhoneEntry, I do see data in the window.


I logged into the SNTC Portal

I logged into the SNTC Portal again since I re-ran the collection profile earlier this morning.


I now see 5 phones.  Only 5 out of the approx. 1,000 phones.

Cisco Employee

Could you check Library >

Could you check Library > Administration > Upload Processing and verify that your upload this morning completed successfully?

Also, could you try IE or Chrome to look at the PhoneEntry? The error you are getting may be related to your Java version.


Yes, the Upload Processing

Yes, the Upload Processing from this morning completed successfully.


I tried IE and Firefox from one computer.  I tried Safari from another computer.  I also tried IE from a third computer.


See attached screenshot.

Cisco Employee

Try rebooting the VM. That

Try rebooting the VM. That indicates that the Java client is having connection issues with the server. Then try to view the PhoneEntry again.

If we can see the PhoneEntry in the data collection that will help us diagnose why the phones aren't showing.

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