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How to add contract in SNTC Portal


don't mind me asking - I would like to add a new contract into Smart Care Portal, but all i can see is one existing contract number (added via Smart Portal ver 1.x). How do I add a new contract?

Best regards,


Rafal K.
Cisco Employee

Dear Jasmin,

My name is Rafal and I'm a member of Cisco Smart Assist Team in EMEAR.

If you go to the new SNTC 3.X version, you can see basically two major types of contracts:


  1. Contract which allow you to use SNTC: you go to Dashboards --> Admin --> a window will appear "Account information and SNTC contract Status".
  2. Service contracts to which your devices are underlying: Library --> Contracts --> All Contracts


If you are questioning about the service contracts (TAC) - they appear in the portal automatically after a successful upload from a collector or device which were uploaded to the portal by using a CSV file.

Whenever a device (serial number) is being uploaded to the portal either by a collector or manually, the SNTC Portal adds also the relevant contract number under the condition that this device is covered.

If the device is not covered - no contract will be added. The device will appear as "not covered".


If you need some more explanations, please don't hesitate to ask!


Hi Rafal,

I have a case were my customer install collector and upload collected devices to SNTC Portal.

He has devices with active contract and with no contract at all.

He complained that hecan see the inventory in Portal but he cannot see any contract number.

Does it means all devices in inventory have no contract or maybe those devices are in a contract not associated to his cco id profile?

It is mandatory to associate all contract numbers from this customer to his DA profile? How can you do that in CSPC/SNTC?

Thanks for your help!

Juan Carlos

Juan -

Within the Smart Net Total Care portal, the contract/coverage information does not require that the device coverage contracts be associated to the users CCOID profile. 

When you say he cant see the contract number, do you literally mean the contract number or do you mean he cant see any coverage details?


I think you didn't answer his question. He asked how he can add a contract to SNTC.

I got here because I have the same question, I need to add a contract to the SNTC as it seems Cisco is not automatically adding the contracts to SNTC even when the device is associated with an organisation.

Hey Mandlenkosi Nkiwane,

First, devices must be mapped to a Smartnet contract so that they will be supported by the SNTC service.  Then, after completing a successful upload, the portal adds all relevant contract numbers for that device to the portal.  If a device does have an active contract it will appear as "covered", if not it will appear as "not covered".

Thus, all contracts mapped to uploaded devices should appear on the portal.  If this is not the case, it could be due to a bug or an improper mapping to a contract.



Rafal K.
Cisco Employee

Dear Jasmin,

I just wanted to confirm with you - did you meant "Smart Care" portal, or "Smart Net Total Care"?

If your question was about Smart Care, we will move your post to the "Smart Care" community.

Kind regards,


Pamela Ghosh
Cisco Employee

Hello Sektor,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

With present functionality of SNTC3x portal UI under Admin->Account Information and SNTC Contract Status you can check the contract number but only NLS1 service Level . At present this dashlet does not show any other service level type of contracts even if its associated with profile .



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