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Inventory Collection for Items Not in Production

Gateway Church


We have a number of items in our inventory that are currently in storage.  We would like to add these to SNTC, so we have our total inventory, both in and out of production items, tracked in one location.  What is the best way to acheive this?  Also, will these items sync up with SNTC once they are put into production, or will there be two entries for them?



Zachary Spicer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Josh, 

You can utilize the manual CSV File upload process. After you are logged into the SNTC portal follow these steps:

-- Navigate to the Administration Library and expand that section

-- click on the File Impot

-- You can utilize your current inventory name or create a new inventory name

-- in the Import Type drop down box select CSV File Import. You will then see a blue link to download the CSV File. 

-- When you open the csv file you will see 8 fields, 4 of them are required. If you do not have the hostname/ip address for a device you can use a default entry, (i.e. host123).

-- Once you have your spare devices entered into this csv file save it to the desktop or some other file location. 

-- At that point you can click on Choose File where you can navigate to that file and upload it to the SNTC Portal. 

You can also view a how to video for this feature here:

Hi Zach,

Thanks so much for the response!  Do you know if out of production item records will sync up once they are put into production?  Or, will there be two entries: one for when they were in storage, and another for when they are in use?


Hello Josh, 


You will see 2 entries for that device. You can differentiate the upload methods a few different ways.


- When the item is discovered and uploaded it would have the hostname/ip address whereas the upload via csv file would most likely have a default hostname/ip address


-- In the Inventory Library, under the Custom Inventory report, you can add in additional fields:

      - Appliance ID

      - Imported File

      - Collection Date

These additional fields will help you identify the upload method used to get your devices loaded into SNTC. 

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