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Issues getting the collector inventory to the cloud

I've been looking through the community posts and I see issues similar to what I am seeing.  But those were all early in September as the new version of software was being rolled out, and here it is late October and I'm just installing my collector.  I've successfully installed it, and created my collector in the portal.  I also downloaded and applied the .zip file that I assume authorizes the collector for connection to the cloud portal.  I also updated a pre-defined data collection profile called sntc1x_min_dpacp  that I assume is to collect my inventory and send the results to the cloud which should then show up in the portal.  If I manually run the job (and I do have devices showing up on the collector) it completes, but when I look for the job in the portal there is nothing there.

I also created an upload profile, and when I run it, it tells me it is successful, but there is an http status error 503 - AuthzFilter exception shown, and while I can't scroll down to see the status of the individual items I know that the first three were successful, and I believe the upload is what generates this message.  It tells me however that the overall status was a success.

So can someone point me to whatever peice of this I am missing?  I've watched a number of the how-to videos which are somewhat dated, and don't provide much in the way of specifics. 




Do you have access to the firewall the collector is going through to get out to the Internet? Are you using any kind of proxy?

I do and I see it being allowed.  No proxy.

We currently have a webex going if you would like to join the party.

FYI, here is the bug Dustin was encountering:

CSCuw81592 is a registration bug that prevents uploads.

If you encounter these two issues:

1) Recieve a 503 error during upload 

2) Do not see your entitlment under Library > All Collectors on the portal

The solution is the generate a new CSPC entitlment. This bug only effected around 50 customers and occurred earlier this year.



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