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Need to purchase the righ SmartNet care


I'm new to Cisco product and I want to purchase a service to get access to support / IOS update / Firmware update. I understood that I need a SmartNet subscription to get that.

I've bought a Cisco 1921 ISR G2 w/ IPbase. Recently I've bought a EHWIC-VA-DSL-A card and to have full capacity I need to upgrade the firmware. I see multiple choices for SmartNet service with reseller but i'm getting lost with that.

I have seen smarnet for C1921/K9, for C1921-VA/K9 but not for EHWIC-VA-DSL-A. If I buy a SmartNet service for C1921-VA/K9, will I get access to firmware for the EHWIC ? As I bought the EHWIC separate, I don't know if i can buy service only for the EHWIC to get the firmware or if I need the service for C1921-VA/K9 bundle ?

The best way for me will be to have support for both EHWIC and Router to have FW/IOS updates principally. As I'm independant, I'm looking for small budget solution.

Any help will be appreciated




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Cisco Employee

Hi Jim, I moved the question

Hi Jim,


I moved the question to the Smart Net Total Care community so experts will be notified. 




Regards, Sandra Kindly remember to mark questions as answered and please rate posts and answers if you find them helpful.
Cisco Employee

It is recommended that you

It is recommended that you consult with either your Cisco Account Team or Partner for solution offers for your needs. 

In addition, below is a URL on how to buy with Cisco:

SmartNet Total Care is a service offering that provides 24x7 visibility into your network with extensive inventory and contract management analysis as well as product alerts for your Cisco products through an inventory & reporting portal.  How and what type of coverage on your devices is a conversation for your account team.

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