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Not able to access CSAM portal


We already register our client in the SNTC portal and when we are trying to access the CSAM portal with the client´s credentials, we are not able to do so. Find attached picture with the error message.

Could you pease provide support.

Suchita Shewale
Cisco Employee

To access CSAM tool one needs to have a DA role.

How did you register for SNTC Portal access?

If you followed SNTC Self registration end to end, DA role would be assigned to the user.

If you worked with existing DA to get SNTC access, then you can work with the existing DA to get DA role as well.

Hello, We have access register the SNTC portal in the default way with the client Cisco ID of, with an active contract and Serial number and at the end, we received a success registration. Now we will like to enter the second step to access the CSAM, to add more users and my cisco id as (a Partner). When we access the CSAM portal with the who is the owner of SNTC portal and DA, we are not able to access the portal as previous attached picture. please can you check why are we not able to access the CSAM?

The resolution was provided via Private Message. The DA needs to log into CSAM Portal and nominate any additional DAs and assign SNTC roles.

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