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Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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PSS & SNTC Pre-requisites

Hello all


I am hoping someone can assist with clearing a few details we have on PSS & SNTC. 


We have a large number of CSPC installed for our customers with PSS and SmartNet contract lines. It is our understanding that for a customer to be eligible for the CSPC and PSS/SNTC portal they must have at least 1 active PSS contract line with us as their provider that is backed of to Cisco. 


One of our current installed CSPC's has around 100 PSS Maintenance lines active with Cisco on a PSS portal. If the customer decides to change all that cover from PSS to SmartNet will we have to change the CSPC registration from PSS to SNTC? 


Kind Regards

Mike Kemp

Yes in short. Or you can do what we do and have only one device covered via PSS. as long as its in the invnetory it will process The SNTC portal is no where as good as the PSS. I would recommended you keep one device covered via PSS and keep using PSS. Unless your end customer wants access to the portal?

Hi Mike


Thank you for your update. 


I have been reviewing some Cisco documentation and have found the below. 


PSS: To get the capabilities of CSPC and PSS Portal the partner company (Myself) has to have at least one active PSS line across all customers - This we agree on.


SNTC: To get the capabilities of CSPC and SNTC Portal the partner company (Myself) has to have at least one active Smart contract line across all customers - This we agree on.


So my question really is if we have a customer with PSS and Smart contract lines do we have to have an SNTC & PSS CSPC and therefore 2 portals? or can either portal not report on all?


Kind regards

Hello All


Reviewing one of our PSS CSPC we have PSRT (PSS Contract) & C4S (SmartNet Contracts) included and reporting successfully. So if this is working why do we then have to move to an SNTC portal if all the PSS contracts are removed? surely that would still operate as the Partner (myself) has PSS lines associated to my CCO.


Kind regards

If you go sntc portal then the end customer will be the admin and you will not be able to have remote access to the collector through the portal. Also the portal isnt as well thought out as the PSS. If your customer wants to have access to the portal then this is the way you will have to go. The last bit is the only reason for choosing the sntc version. If you have any devices covered by another service type you will be able so see them


If you want to have control over the Collector and better portal experience make one device PSS and stick with PSS portal.It will show all of the SNTC covered devices.


In my experience SNTC portal is a very poor second choice to PSS 

Hi Mike


Thanks for your response. 


I agree with your points on the PSS portal being better for Partners I just need clarification on if we can use a PSS Portal with a CSPC on a customer that has 100% SmartNet lines? 


From the documentation, I am reading as long as the Partner has a PSS line associated with their CCO they can create a PSS Portal account for a customer. Will an upload of data work with a CSPC with only SNTC contract lines? or does the customer have to be a minimum of 1 device PSS and 125809 SNTC lines? 


It Seems odd that we can have unlimited Smart Net lines within a PSS Portal if there is one PSS line.


Kind regards

One device must be covered by PSS for the inventory to process. 

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