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Rajiv Dwaree

Serial Number not appearing on SNTC portal


When we do a successful upload via the Collector as attached print screen, we are NOT able to see the serial numbers on the SNTC portal but if we do a manual upload, the serial number will appear on the sntc portal.


Could you please confirm ?


Suchita Shewale
Cisco Employee

Hi Rajiv,


Do you see those serial numbers on CSPC? Can you give one or two specific serial numbers that you see in CSPC but not on SNTC Portal?




Hi Suchita!


I'm a NAP IT employee and I can help to explain.


We can view all serial numbers in CSPC, but none are visible on the SNTC portal. I have attached some images that show you the step by step problem since uploading the data.

Hello Gustavo,


It looks like the upload did not contain any inventory collection. Can you please make sure you execute the collection profile on the CSPC and do the upload?




Hi Suchita!


As you can see in the attachment "01 - CSPC_Equipment Data.png", the data was collected successfully (image edited by me to hide the serial numbers and other data).

Hello Suchita,


Any feedback plz?

Hello Rajiv And Gustavo,


As I mentioned in the previous post, please run a collection job. You may want to go through CSPC Guide,Page 7-20

and follow the steps to run the SNTC Collection Job, this will also initiate upload and we can then verify the results on the Portal.



Hi Suchita.


I did as requested and the result was the same. Please see the attached files.

We have reviewed the most recent upload file sent from the CSPC and confirmed that no device data was collected, only discovered information was sent.

Please go through the CSPC GUI and click Collect, then select the SNTC default Collection Profile (this will include the upload option automatically).

Once the upload has been processed we can continue investigation if necessary.


Dear, after completing the procedure provided, the serial numbers have reappeared on the Portal. The difference between the default profile and what we create is the number of selected Datasets.


In the past we have adopted the standard of selecting all datasets to ensure the availability of all necessary information. This always worked until the update to the current collector version.


Thank you for your attention.

HI all,

I have the same issue and I tried to run the "Collect", but it doesn`t help. Still have a devicenot showing it`s serial number and contract assigned.

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