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SmartNet Total Care DA Access

I have the SNTC portal set up for my company, (Which I did back in February) and I believe back then you could not link additional users to the portal at the time. Now, I am trying to add my additional team members to our portal so that we all can share the access and visibility into the equipment. 


When I look at the portal, I am not listed as being a DA for my organization. I am the only person who ever would have set up or managed anything for the organization so I need to know how I can get my rights set to be DA or Admin so that I can control access and set up the appropriate access. Is there any information that anyone knows how I can do this? It said to open a ticket here rather than opening a TAC Case? 


Thank You,




Cisco Employee

Re: SmartNet Total Care DA Access



Please private message me your company name and your CCOID.




Cisco Employee

Re: SmartNet Total Care DA Access

Hi Brian,


I was able to check that you are customer admin for company as well as active DA. Please login to below CSAM tool to assign role to other user.


Here is some more detail if you need on how to assign role:


Add New Users to the Portal and Assign Roles

Note: Only a DA can register new users. Please allow up to 24 hours following role assignment to access the portal. Complete these steps in order to register a new user for your company:

Log into the Cisco Services Access Management (CSAM) Tool. You can also access this tool from the Useful Links page in the portal.

Step 1:

Select User-Company Associations > Associate User to My Company.

Enter a valid Cisco username or email address, and then click Next.

Specify a company location, and then click Finish. A notification is sent to the user that confirms the association with your company.

Step 2:

Select User Role Assignments > Assign Roles to Users.

Choose a user, or search for a user via their Cisco username or email address, and then click Submit.

Select the user, and then click Next.

Click Smart Net Total Care from the services that are displayed, and then choose the appropriate role (customer administrator or customer user).

Click Finish, and a notification is sent to the user.



Please use administration tab for more detail on role assignment


Additional/backup DA (company administrator = Delegated administrator)

Video: look for ‘Managing Delegated Administration’ :

Select ‘administrator’ and click ‘next’

Select ‘company admin’ and click ‘next’

Choose ‘search by Cisco ID or email’ and type Cisco id or email and click ‘submit’ and then select user and click ‘next’

Select approprieat location and click ‘finish’


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any question.





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