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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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Cisco Employee

Some must have features in SNTC

1. Takes long to load details on the dashboard. With newer version it little bit better now.
2. Displays alerts for HW / SW that are already remediated - its difficult to track which were are remediated and which ones are not  (must have)
3.  Doesn’t provide all the inventory of compute (Ex : Raid controllers)
4. Doesn’t provide all alerts (Ex : FN# for RAID controllers or any Compute inventory that is not covered in SNTC)  
5. Doesn’t show support Cases opened by all users for the equipment’s registered with SNTC and also add filters to it
6. Add Equipment to Contract directly from SNTC portal
7. Setup email alerts on pending FN#, PSIRT, Contract etc..
8. Pull S/N, FW Version, NXOS Version, Product Name etc..  for all Equipment in Collect and upload this information to SNTC portal
9. integration with UCS Central and IMC Supervisor to pull the newly added UCSM and Rack mounts automatically into Collector


Yep, I'd echo the requirement

Yep, I'd echo the requirement for several of these, especially # 2, 5, and 7

Not sure about 8, as the collector already does this (well for the 10 instances I have anyway), with devices that are not under contract marked accordingly.  This could tie up with point 6 - just need an option to add - but there are probably contract management issues that could impact on how this may function.

Cisco Employee

Graham - Thanks for your

Graham - Thanks for your response.

#8. It does only few not all the ones that i have listed above. 

For Example :

> It shows Product Model but not Product Name.

> Not all Serial Numbers are listed. For example : Chassis S/N, C-Series Servers for some products doesnt show Serial Number

> FW version for some products doesnt show. Ex: Rack Mount Servers and some older FW versions




Hi, I'm not sure about server

Hi, I'm not sure about server details, I should have added a 'for the devices I have' caveat to my reply...

It could be that there is a discrepancy in the applicable CSPC 'data set' or 'platform definition' that are pre-defined within the CSPC covering the product you are looking to have data collected from (may even be entirely missing?); there should be folks on this forum that can answer definitively.

Rgds, Graham

Cisco Employee

Can you give an example of

Can you give an example of PIDs that have model but not Name for you?

Are all C-Series servers missing Serial Number or just some?  The CIMC software did not initially report chassis SN in SNMP data until 1.5 and reliable after 1.5(2).  There are also minimum CSPC versions and Rule Package versions to get the data.

For FW, I assume you mean firmware?  That field is not always available from the devices.  Again, if there are some specific use-cases, we can definitely look into those.  In SNTC, the focus is more on the Software Version than firmware.  Unless you did mean software instead of firmware.

Cisco Employee

1. All c-series Servers S/N

1. All c-series Servers S/N is missing

2. Yes FW - Firmware  Version : for C-Series only few of them shows OS Version - 1.4X, 1.5X  but some of them doesnt show.

Cisco Employee

You didn't tell me which

You didn't tell me which Products were missing Product Name.  I.e. specific PID.

If all C-Series are missing SN, then what version are they running and what is your CSPC version and Rule Package version?

Which column isn't having the FW version (what is its name)?  And do you know what FW version they are actually running?

Cisco Employee

1. There is no Product Name

1. There is no Product Name Field, I see only Product Model field list there 

for example : N10-S6100 Shows in Product Model. It difficult to know that it refers to FI. Good to have Product Name as well for such Products

2. All C-series are missing S/N, Servers Models are C200 /210/ 240 etc. FW version - 1.4X and 1.5X etc.. some fields empty for FW.

3. CSPC - Version 2.5

4. I checked few of our C-Series Servers they were running 1.4(3u) are not reporting FW version. Some are and some don't report .. I might have to check how many such not reporting .. since we have a lot of servers

Cisco Employee

1.  Depends on screen you are

1.  Depends on screen you are on.  For All Equipment, Product Name is not a default field, but if you click on the 3 dots on far right you will see the additional fields you can show and Product Name is one of them.

2.  As I mentioned before, the SN was not available until 1.5 and not reliable until 1.5(2).  That would certainly explain why the 1.4 ones are missing it.  Depends on which 1.5 versions you have.

4. The software version field for UCS C-Series is reporting the UCS Firmware version.

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