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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Community!

Our community includes Cisco experts to answer your questions about the Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) portal and CSP-Collector.
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Lyn Robbins

Unable to locate "Useful Links"

I have a message:

Welcome to Smart Net Total Care. How-To Videos are available under "Useful Links" on the left navigation panel to help initiate the Smart Net Total Care experience.

But cannot find "Useful Links" on the left navigation panel to help initiate the Smart Net Total Care experience.

How do I find the How-To Videos?

Also I did find one video. I'm not sure how I found it, but I was watching the video Collecting Inventory for Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service. In the video, the announcer mentioned a that this is the second video in the series and I would like to see the first video on how to setup designated admin and administrator account as it was covered in a previous video.

Here is a link to the second video:

How do I find the first video?

Lyndon Siu
Cisco Employee

Please see the attachment.. you'll see that the Useful Links should appear in the left panel.


if it were that simple I would not post here

Rita Livezey

“Useful Links” is located near the top of the left navigation panel in the Smart Net Total Care portal as shown below:


Once on the Useful Links page, you’ll see a link to the How-to Videos, as shown below.


That link takes you to the access site for all the How-To Videos. The two videos you have been looking for are not actually part of the How-To Video series. FYI, the direct link to the How-To Videos access site (if you are not in the SNTC portal or Useful Links) is .


For your current purposes, which I think is establishing a delegated administrator, I suggest you watch the Cisco Services Access Management series of How-to Videos:


Delegated Administration Overview

User-Company Association

Assigning Roles

Managing Delegated Administration


Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing these, or if you need them in a language other than English.

Thank you, but I still do not see Useful Links. Attached is a shot of what I see.

I had the same thing no links and support is useless

I got frustrated and logged out and closed all IE windows and after about an hour everything was fixed my uploads worked and I did finally get the Useful links

I think you just have to wait a few hours for this to work

another tech sent me a message "From your screenshot, it looks like you are not yet on boarded to the SNTC portal and are still in the “Welcome” workflow, which is probably why you are not yet seeing Useful Links."

I don't know how to get onboarded to the SNTC portal it would be nice if there was some guide or help from support

Be sure to bookmark these support pages and use them in the future to find all the self-help information.
Helpful Links
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