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Update inventory or trigger discovery to specific IPs in CSPC API

Hello all,

I have tried and failed to find great documentation for the CSPC XML API. I found another post that described how to get an inventory which was very helpful, but now I would like to add new devices (or discover them) programmatically.

If there is any good documentation on this API I would appreciate that too. The user guide basically just recognizes the API exists, and nothing else.

Or if there is a way to explore the API I don't know about, that would be useful.

Thank you!


Ever get anywhere with this request?

Not super far. I started to inspect the API calls via the built in developer tools in Chrome, but CSPC compresses the data sent and received and I am having difficulty decompressing it with python. If you find a way to de-compress the body of the request and responses, please let me know!

Took a bit of a look through the XML API and managed to get  a  discovery to kick off via the use of the following XML run through the XML API Window.  Note I had to take the Service name  from our install, unsure if all instances are setup  the same.   Also have to build  a unique value in the 'DiscoveryJob identifier' item for each job that gets run. 


Hoping to spend some more time over the next couple of weeks to try and get something automated in our back end.  Will update if I get anywhere.


<Request xmlns="" requestId="3333">
<Job service_name="SMARTNET_TOTAL_CARE">
<Schedule operationId="1">
<JobSchedule runnow="true"/>
<DiscoveryJob identifier="ipList">