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Charlie Jones

UserID is not valid error message when using the Solarwinds NCM Connector

I am attempting to use the NCM Connector for Solarwinds to connect to Smart Net Total Care, and I am receiving the error message "UserID is not valid". 

Jarrett Pomeroy
Cisco Employee

Hello Charlie,

I will send you a private message with some additional details that may help with setting up the NCM Connector.

Thank you,


Hi, I am also having this issue. The collector has worked previously. There has been no change to my CCO details as far as I am aware.

For my issue, I worked with Cisco directly and they discovered I didn't have the correct access with my CCO account.  I did take me two attempts to run the NCM connector, but it did work. 


A common cause for this issue can result from conflicting details regarding the physical address in which Cisco records have on the Entitled Company compared to what is selected within the Solarwinds NCM selection.

It looks like there were some changes made to your CCO profile and company address very recently; I would recommend waiting about 24 hours for these changes to propagate and to also confirm that the address selection within Solarwinds reflects the new details as well.

Hi. Yes I have made changes this morning to see if this would fix it. As mentioned it previously worked.
Thanks for checking and I will try again Monday.

Mark ***

*** Text has been masked to protect your privacy

i have the same problem. CCO ID have sufficient access, but showing error in NCM connector.

Hi Jarret. One of my customers is having this issue too. How can we check the access level on the CCO ID and change it to one higher than level 2?


Thanks in advance.

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