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validation opening a TAC case

Hi Team,

I have question regarding opening tace case not by portal but by the email to

What is verified by Cisco team if the case can be open ? If someone outside the company can open the case for the serial number belong to other company ? If Cisco ID or Bill to ID is verifed ?

We have one situation that someone outside our company open such case and TAC team provide an RMA for that. How can we avoid such situations ? Any idea ?


Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

Hi the serial numbers should be tied to a contract tied to bill to ID tied to the persons CCO which is bound to the company name for a TAC case to be open those parameters have to be met , you need to remove that person from your company profile so they cant open cases under your serial ids anymore , most companys do this when you leave for that reason

Yes, but we have situation that someone external (not included in our company) create a RMA warranty case for Our bill to ID so return of faulty unit was notified to us.  I don't know why someone from TAC can open a case withotut checking the cco user. Can we verify that somehow ?

Yes raise it with your Cisco account manager they can check it internally or ring it into TAC and explain whats happened get a history of exactly whats been opened in last couple of months for that contract ID and the users that opened them

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