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Cisco DNA assurance and Wireless clients



I'm using Cisco DNA version System  with Assurance version, about  data Wired client , all informations are available under assurance>Health  but for the Wireless client I don't have any information.

The Wireless Controller hardware is  : cisco C9800-40-K9  and the software version is :16.11.1c.


the WLC and the AP's  are well discovered by the DNAC and associate to a site.

I've also enabled the Assurance on the WLC :

UTR-F18-C9800-40-1#show network-assurance summary
Network-Assurance : Enabled
Server Url :
ICap Server Port Number : 0
Sensor Backhaul SSID :
Authentication : Unknown


Do you know why the client info isn't present on the DNAC-Assurance ?

It is needed to configure more the WLC ?


thanks for the help.




Multiple issues for 9800 with 1.2 DNA, try upgrading DNA Center to latest version and verify. 



thanks for the reply, referring to system package update from my DNAC is :    Your system package is up to date and 

Your applications are up to date


so we've the last version available for the system and the application.


so In this situation, how I can progress on this issue ?


for info, The WLC isn't in Fabric mode, so the WLC is just discovered and inventoried on the DNAC.



Here is the release version installed :  Versions in Cisco DNA Center, Release



I found the following bug, this is exactly our behavior but I don't have any right to see the details of this bugs, so do you have more info about the workaround ?






If you upgrade Cisco DNA Center 1.2.10 to 1.3 and make embedded wireless LAN controller image changes, the controller goes into Unmonitored state, and Assurance shows no client data.

Remove the controller, upgrade to DNAC 1.3 and then readd the controller is an standard approach, if you have upgraded already, check if rogue AP detection is enabled on the controller, thats when this issue is triggered with controller going in unmonitored state.

Good morning.


Rogue AP has been disabled and the DNAC is already on the 1.3 version.

The result is the same,  no Wireless Data client and the WLC is still in unmonitored state.



I'm having the same issue.  C9800-40 WLC and latest version of DNA.  "Authentication : Unknown" when running "show network-assuance summary."  I have a TAC case open and I'm afraid it is going to go to the BU as "everything looks right but it isn't working."

Hi Todd


any updates on this, because I have the same problem as well with:


- Cisco C9800 on IOS-XE 16.12.1s (Fabric enabled)

- Cisco DNA-C on


Thanks and best regards


I upgraded my WLC to 16.11.01c and I now have Telemetry data showing.

Hi @Todd S 


thanks for the update, can I ask you some questions concerning your upgrade?


1. On what Cisco DNAC version are you?

2. On what Cisco C9800 have you been before, 16.10.1e (should be the only possibility, because you said it is an upgrade :-))

3. Did you remove Cisco C9800 from the fabric and the inventory and re-added it after the upgrade?


I tried to get it working with 16.12.1s, but this did not help so far.


Best regards


Hi Folks, was this issue ever resolved? I'm running into the same issue with a 9800-80 WLC running 16.12.2s and DNA running I have a 3504 WLC in another fabric and that works fine. Its just the 9800-80 WLC (and associated 9115 AP) that don't report anything in Assurance.....




Hi Guy


we were able to get it working with the following versions back then:


Cisco DNA-C: (in the meantime it still works with

Cisco C9800-CL: 16.12.1s (did not test it with 16.12.2s, but I will give it a try also in the comming days)


Best regards


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