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Cisco SDA Wireless Pool

HI Guys,


just wanted to understand this new feature of Cisco wireless pool in the SDA.


i have a common pool between LAN users and Wireless Users. Now do i need to mark it as wireless pool or not?


when i am mapping it in the Cisco ISE authorization policy i am doing this way (

he next step is to create the "Authorization Profile" which is the Authorization that is applied once the endpoint is Authenticated and meets that Authorization Conditions.

  1. In ISE Navigate to Policy > Policy Elements > Results > Authorization (left hand side) > Authorization Profiles
  2. Click "Add"
  3. Will Name it "Engineers"
  4. Under "Common Tasks" we will check mark "Security Group"
  5. In the first field of "Security Group" we will choose the SGT "Engineering"
  6. Once the SGT is chosen an additional field will appear which is the VN field , We will chose VN "ENG"
  7. As soon as we choose the VN "ENG" the last field will appear , which is the "Subnet/IP Address Pool Name" at this stage we will choose the IP Pool Name "172_16_10_0-ENG" (Note:You may have multiple IP Pools in a single VN)


As i will be doing IP address Based on authorization and SGT tags.

So just wanted to understand this wireless pool. If i have this checked i see it makes a pool address in the wlc if i do that will my LAN users still get assigned which is pool or not?


Thanks & Regards

Cisco Employee


Wireless Pool Enabled.png

Under Host Onboarding, when you bind an IP Address Pool with a VN and mark at it as a Wireless pool... that pool then shows up here:

Wireless SSIDs Obfuscated.png
This is essentially how you do a LAN to WLAN binding.  The WLAN / the SSID has to know which pool is associated with it. 

By marking a pool as wireless enabled, it shows up here in the drop down. 

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