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Configuring Nexus 5548UP, VSAN, VLANs, FCoE, NPV,

Hi there,

  Gllad to meet you community, My company has assign me a new project in where I have to configure two Nexus Switches 5548UP (thing that i have never nade). so a recolected the following info:

1.- These Nexus are gonna be connected to a SW-L3-4500 using FC.

2.- These Nexus is gonna be connected to two MDS using FC (ISL - G).

3.- This Nexus is gonna be connected to a EMC VNX by FCoE.

4.- 8 Servers are gonna be connected using FCoE.

So I have the following doughts:

1.- These Nexus are gonna be connected to a SW-L3-4500 using FC. When I connecd a Nexus to the 4500 switches do I need to tag (in the trunk) the vlans that are gonna be present in the local Nexus for data traffic and storage. I mean, In the L3-SW I have to configure a VLAN L3 and VLAN L2, that are gonna be the VLAN that I have to map in the vsan I will create in Nexus?. If the customer uses VTP do I have to configured VTP in the Nexus? The configuration port have to be trunk as traditional cisco ios? Do I have to activate spanning tree mode and priority on Nexus?

2.- Like the Nexus switches is gonna be connected to a MDS do I need to do something diferent of create a FC connection usiing ISL? Maybe I have to know pwwn?

3.- When I connected the EMC to the nexus switches  I have to use NPV or I just can defines these ports as trunks


4.- 8 servers are gonna be connected over FCoE however the custumer want to separete de traffict of vmware (that mean, the customer want one VLAN for VMotion, Faoult Tolerant, etc).. So I'm no sure if they have to configure theses VLANs (L2/L3) in your core (4500) and I just have to create theses VLANs o catch them using VTP (I'm not sure if they are using vtp).

5.- How I do a mapping for just one server than use direfent VLANs and diferents LUNs?

Thanks in advance,


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