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Fabric Manager - UCS FI 6248

I'm not sure if this is better suited for the UCS forum so if I'm in the wrong, I apologize in advance. I am currently in the process of migrating our SAN/Server connectivity to our UCS platform. Currently, I have 2 EMC SAN's that are connected to 2 MDS 9124 switches. We are going to have the storage connected into the 6248 fabric interconnects in switch mode and eventually transition off the MDS. I currently use Fabric Manager to manage my zoning configuration. I am able to connect to the MDS switches using SNMP v3 with the admin password, but I cannot connect to the FI 6248's in anything other than SNMP v2, which won't let me make changes. The version of fabric manager I'm using is 5.0(7) and the 6248 is 5.0(3) UCS 2.11(e). If I try and login with SNMP v3, I get a bad user name or password, even after creating a SNMP v3 user. I haven't found anything on the Internet about using Fabric Manager with UCS, so I wonder if it's even supported. If anyone has gotten SNMP v3 to work, please let me know. Otherwise, is there a better way I should be doing zoning once I transition all storage to the FI ?

Thanks in advance. I appreaciate any help!


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