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FCoE Nexus 5000


I have a Nexus 5000 conected with a UCS C-200 with qlogic CNA in FCoE. The ethernet traffic is ok, but FC dont work fine, i thinks that i have configured all ok, by the show int vfc show the trunk vsan in initializating mode and i dont find what is the problem

switch(config-if)# sh int vfc 1
vfc1 is trunking
    Bound interface is Ethernet1/9
    Port description is Conexion FC con UCS1
    Hardware is Virtual Fibre Channel
    Port WWN is 20:00:00:0d:ec:e8:2c:7f
    Admin port mode is F, trunk mode is on
    snmp link state traps are enabled
    Port mode is TF
    Port vsan is 1
    Trunk vsans (admin allowed and active) (1)
    Trunk vsans (up)                       ()
    Trunk vsans (isolated)                 ()
    Trunk vsans (initializing)             (1)
    1 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0 frames/sec
    1 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0 frames/sec
      0 frames input, 0 bytes
        0 discards, 0 errors
      0 frames output, 0 bytes
        0 discards, 0 errors
    last clearing of "show interface" counters never
    Interface last changed at Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010

switch(config-if)# show port internal info interface vfc 1

vfc1 - if_index: 0x1E000000, phy_port_index: 0x1000
     local_index: 0xffff
  Admin Config - state(up), mode(F), speed(auto), trunk(on)
    beacon(off), snmp trap(on), tem(false)
    description(Conexion FC con UCS1)
    port owner()
  Operational Info - state(trunking), mode(TF), speed(auto), trunk(on)
    state reason(None)
    phy port enable (1), phy layer (FC), port_osm_mode(OSM)
    participating(1), fcid(0x000000), bb_scn(0)
    config port vsan (1), oper port vsan (1)
    rx bb_credit(0), rx bb_credit multiplier(0)
    rx bb_credit performance buffers(0), tx bb_credit(0)
    not first time port bringup is 0
    Port WWN is 20:00:00:0d:ec:e8:2c:7f
    port_init_eval_flag(0x00000401), cfg wait for none
    Mts node id 0x0
    Lock Info: resource [vfc1]
      type[0] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 259535 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
      type[1] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 260559 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
      type[2] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 266012 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
    eport_init_flag(0x00000000), elp_chk_flag(0x00000000)
    elp_rcvd_fc2_handle(0x00000000), elp_sent_fc2_handle(0x00000000)
    esc_chk_flag(0x00000000), esc_fc2_handle(0x00000000)
    elp_flags(0x0000), classes_supported(F), tx bb_credit(0)
    Peer ELP Revision: 0
    Timer active for PI_FSM_EV_TE_2_E_TIMER_EXPIRED
    cnt_link_failure(0), cnt_link_success(0), cnt_port_up(0)
    cnt_cfg_wait_timeout(2), cnt_port_cfg_failure(2), cnt_init_retry(0)
    nos link failures (0), debounce window (300 ms), elp wait tout (750 ms)
    link fail reason (0x0)    num_elps_before_up (0)
    internal_reinit_counter (0) external_reinit_counter (0)
  Trunk Info -
    trunk vsans (allowed active) (1)
    trunk vsans (operational allowed) (1)
    trunk vsans (up) ()
    trunk vsans (isolated) ()
  TE port per vsan information
  vfc1, Vsan 1 - state(down), state reason(waiting for flogi), fcid(0x000000)
    port init flag(0x0),
    Lock Info: resource [vfc1, vsan 1]
      type[0] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 270103 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
      type[1] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 270104 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
      type[2] p_gwrap[(nil)]
          FREE @ 270105 usecs after Mon Dec 20 19:59:31 2010
current state [TE_FSM_ST_WAIT_FOR_FLOGI]
    RNID info not found.
    first time elp: 1
    Peer ELP Revision: 0
  Pacer Info -
    Pacer state: released credits due to timer expiry
PQP: not in progress

My configuration

vlan 701
  fcoe vsan 1
  name FCoE-Vsan1

interface vfc1
  bind interface Ethernet1/9
  switchport description Conexion FC con UCS1
  no shutdown

interface Ethernet1/9
  description Conexion FCoE con UCS1
  switchport mode trunk
  spanning-tree port type edge trunk

I need configure anything in UCS?.



Under your ethernet 1/9 try adding:

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1, 701

Assuming vlan 1 as your native default vlan and 701 is FCoE vlan, this should bring up vlan 701 to your CNA.

Michael Brown
Cisco Employee

What model CNA are you using and what type of cable are you using?


The CNA is a Qlogic in a UCS with a SFP-10Gb-SR transceiver in UCS and Nex-5000.


So the CNA is QLE814x model and not a QLE815x? 

Qlogic QLE 8152-CNA 2port 10Gb SFP+ Copper

Okay..its not the issue I have seen before where someone was using TwinAx with a QLE8142.  Those only support fiber.


I have a SFP 10Gb-SR wit multimode fibre in both sides.