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Sanjesh Kishore

FM 5.0 not showing Port Channel correctly

1 x PC is showing as thick link and also all ISLs shown beside it. There are other PC created and all ISL links have been replaced by one PC link in the topology diagram. All links are up and working if viewed from CLI. Port channel created between 1 x MDS9509 and 2 x MDS9148.

Did anyone else experience this behaviour before?

Vu Phan
Cisco Employee

double click on the PC thick link to see if it expand and show ISLs under it.

click on Rediscover button and then resyncall button to refresh the map

it is more clear if you provide an topology image here.

Thanks Phan.

ISLs are not shown under the PC link but it is showing with it. I have logged a TAC call and one of the Tech support guys is currently looking at it. It looks like issue with FM drawing up the topology. From CLI PC is fine and all links are operational. We tried deleting and recreating the PC and also tried what you suggested.
Anyway will update once tech support finished with it.

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Did you ever receive a resolution on this? I am having the same problem.

I ended up logging a case with TAC. They resolved it by restarting FM server. The problem is with FM server components thats why it is not displayed correctly but it is correctly configured as seen from CLI. If restarting FM server does not work you may have to reinstall the FM server.

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