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FM Server License and Call Home

We currently are getting a message everyday for the call home that the Fabric Manager is grace period is going to expire in XX number of days. Is there any way to turn this alert off? This is annoying as we like the call home feature, but hate the NAG of the FM Server license.


I don't think but it is fixed in the latest release 1.3.4

When will this release be out? I don't see it on the downloads page.

It will be a few more weeks for 1.3.4 to be posted to CCO. If you require a interm build to resolve this a case can be opened with TAC and a request made.

How do I disable the message for Fabric Manager that I get everyday? I am running 1.3.4b on my switches.

A way to stop the Fabric Manager license nag message is to remove the license alert group from each call home destination profile.

To do this from the CLI, do these commands:

sh callhome destination-profile <-- note "alert groups configured"

conf t


destination-profile ?

User defined destination profile name (Max Size - 32)

full-txt-destination Configure destination profile for plain txt message

short-txt-destination Configure destination profile for short txt message

XML-destination Configure destination profile for XML message

destination-profile short-txt-destination alert-group ?

All This alert group consists of all of the callhome


Avanti Avanti events

Cisco-TAC Events which are meant for Cisco TAC only

Environmental Power,fan,temperature related events

Inventory Inventory status events

License Events related to licensing

Linecard-Hardware Linecard related events

Supervisor-Hardware Supervisor related events

System Software related events

Test User generated test events

[For profiles with all alert groups configured:]

no destination-profile short-txt-destination alert-group all

destination-profile short-txt-destination alert-group Avanti

destination-profile short-txt-destination alert-group Cisco-TAC

[repeat for all but "License" for each profile]

[For profiles with License and other alert groups configured:]

no destination-profile short-txt-destination alert-group license


copy run start

Is there a way to do this from GUI?

This process might work, depending on your version:

From the Device Manager main menu choose "Admin", then "Events", then "Call Home..."; choose the "Profiles" tab, left-click somewhere in the "AlertGroups" field for each profile, and uncheck "license". When done, click "Refresh" then "Close". When you exit, choose "Yes" when asked to save the configuration changes.

Later versions don't have "license" as an option, so you may need to use the CLI.

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