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Hardware migration of seed switch from MDS 9124 to MDS 9148


What is the best method to migrate a seed switch from an older model to a newer one?

Currently I have a 9124 as my seed switch and an EOL 9216A as the second hop in my fabric. I have new 9148s to replace both of them. Ideally I want the new switches to have all the settings from the old switches: DNS name, vsan, IP address, etc.

I've taken a look at the forums for other migration questions, and people have suggested

1. adding the switches into the current fabric

2. backing the config and uploading to the new switch via cli

3. backing up the zone database in fabric manager

In #1, i would have to config the switches with different names, attach them to the fabric to get the zone database, shutdown the old switches and then change the new switches names and ip addresses

In #2, I run afoul of firmware versions, though upgrading the 9124 would be possible, then I could connect the secondary switch.

in #3, I would need to get SNMP set up, and the switches configured off the main management network, but that is no big deal.

Which have you had the most luck with, or is there a proscripbed migration method I am missing?               

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