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How to approach this MDS Switch Removal



Sorry for this long-winded post... I am more of a routing and switching kind of guy but stuck managing a small SAN with backend fiber. This is probably a simple task for an expert but its so far out of my area of expertise so I wanted to get some input from those in the know. Unfortunately, both models of switch to be discussed are beyond Cisco’s end-of-support so I can not simply open a case with TAC. I did read a number of posts here on the Cisco community but for peace of mind I wanted to ask…
We have two MDS9124 and two MDS9148 switches that are set up as one fabric, with one zoneset, one VSAN, and literally no fancy configuration, no static IDs of any kind, etc. Just default config and simple zoning. I want to remove the two MDS9124 switches as no end devices are connected to them at this time. The problem is, one of them is the principal switch in the fabric and all of the other switches physically connect directly to it (nothing is daisy chained... they all individually connect to the current principal switch.) How can should I approach this? Is it possible to do with no interruption? This is prep work for ultimately replacing all switches with new MDS switches.
1. I believe I first should make one of the 9148 switches the principal switch. We are using the default priority of 128 on all switches, though the current principal switch says "running priority 2." If I statically set the priority to 100 on the 9148 I want to become the new principal switch and do an fcdomain restart on that same switch… that should take care of it? Or do I have to set the priority to 1 because of the running priority of the other? There “should” be no interruptions?
2. I believe I should then connect the two 9148 switches together as right now they both individually connect to the existing 9124 principal switch. This will not create some kind of loop since there is technically a loop now, will it?
3. Shutdown to the links between 9124 and 9148 Switches. Any traffic that may have been traversing the links through the 9124 switches would then have to switch over to the new links between the 9148. Is there an interruption at that time?
4. Disconnect and remove the old MDS9124 switches.
Please let me know if those steps are correct. Any guidance is appreciated.