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HyperFlex new behaviour in HX4.5(2a) and ESXi 7.0U2


Hi all,

[2021.12.03 Edit2: I've just posted a follow up that answers these questions. But I'll add some red comments below]

[Edit: I've just figured out that attributesnapshot.alwaysAllowNative=TRUE. as referred to in the release notes really SHOULD be attribute snapshot.alwaysAllowNative=TRUE- which makes much more sense, but I still have questions]

I'm hoping someone can explain in small words exactly what the following features mentioned in the release notes of HXDP v4.5(2a) means.

  • Sentinel snapshots are not created

  • Supports VAAI offload for all snapshots of a VM by automatically configuring VM attributesnapshot.alwaysAllowNative=TRUE. [OK. I've now realised it SHOULD say VM attribute snapshot.alwaysAllowNative=TRUE]

Now I understand the way Sentinel snapshots work.  What I don't understand is the magic that means the Sentinel snapshot is no longer required - but clearly has something to do with "automatically configuring VM attributesnapshot.alwaysAllowNative=TRUE."

So can anyone tell me exactly how this attribute gets set whenever I deploy or vMotion a VM to HyperFlex?

  • Does the SCVM monitor for new VMs and stealthily and change the attribute? [NO - it doesn't]
    • If not, what makes this attribute get set? [Just like the old system, you need to take a HX Snapshot]
  • Does this mean that it is now impossible to create a VMware redo snapshot? [Not at all. You certainly can, just like before]
  • Do these changes make any difference regarding cloning - does the VMware clone operation produce an identical clone as compared to creating a single ready-clone? [As far as I can tell, both operations create identical results, except when cloning using VMware clones, you can specify a new datastore]

So little information about this - I'm hoping one of you HyperFlex gurus can enlighten me!

RedNectar aka Chris Welsh.
Forum Tips: 1. Paste images inline - don't attach. 2. Always mark helpful and correct answers, it helps others find what they need.
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