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N7K mixing F2E and M1 card in the same default VDC

I read an update stating that after version 6.2 in the N7K that F2E and M1 cards can be mixed in the same VDC. I am running version 6.2.(8a). Only the ports for the M1 card are available and I tried add the ports from the F2 cards to vdc 1 and its says its not supported. I know the only way I was able to get this to work by creating a separate VDC for the F card and leaving the M card in VDC1. The customer doesn't plan to use any VDC's only needs L3 functionality and L2 functionality to segment any non L3 ports into VLANs. What can I do to make sure the ports from the F2 cards are available to use.

switch(config-vdc)# allocate interface e2/1-48
Moving ports will cause all config associated to them in source vdc to be removed. Are you sure you want to move the ports (y/n)?  [yes] yes
ERROR: 1 or more interfaces are from a module of type not supported by this vdc

I have a N7K with these cards:

Mod  Ports  Module-Type                         Model              Status
---  -----  ----------------------------------- ------------------ ----------
1    48     10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Module    N7K-M148GT-11      ok
2    48     1/10 Gbps BASE-T Ethernet Module    N7K-F248XT-25E     ok
3    48     1/10 Gbps BASE-T Ethernet Module    N7K-F248XT-25E     ok
4    48     1/10 Gbps BASE-T Ethernet Module    N7K-F248XT-25E     ok
5    0      Supervisor Module-2                 N7K-SUP2E          active *
6    0      Supervisor Module-2                 N7K-SUP2E          ha-standby

Mod  Sw              Hw
---  --------------  ------
1    6.2(8a)         1.5     
2    6.2(8a)         1.2     
3    6.2(8a)         1.2     
4    6.2(8a)         1.2     
5    6.2(8a)         1.1     
6    6.2(8a)         1.1     

switch# show vdc member
Flags : b - breakout port

vdc_id: 0 vdc_name: Unallocated interfaces:
        Ethernet2/1           Ethernet2/2           Ethernet2/3           
        Ethernet2/4           Ethernet2/5           Ethernet2/6           
        Ethernet2/7           Ethernet2/8           Ethernet2/9           
        Ethernet2/10          Ethernet2/11          Ethernet2/12          
        Ethernet2/13          Ethernet2/14          Ethernet2/15        


vdc_id: 1 vdc_name: switch interfaces:
        Ethernet1/1           Ethernet1/2           Ethernet1/3           
        Ethernet1/4           Ethernet1/5           Ethernet1/6           
        Ethernet1/7           Ethernet1/8           Ethernet1/9           
        Ethernet1/10          Ethernet1/11          Ethernet1/12          
        Ethernet1/13          Ethernet1/14          Ethernet1/15

(only shows ports for the M card)
switch# show vdc detail

Switchwide mode is m1 f1 m1xl f2 m2xl f2e f3

vdc id: 1
vdc name: switch
vdc state: active
vdc mac address: 00:26:98:23:5b:c1
vdc ha policy: RELOAD
vdc dual-sup ha policy: SWITCHOVER
vdc boot Order: 1
CPU Share: 5
CPU Share Percentage: 100%
vdc create time: Fri Jan  8 09:57:30 2016
vdc reload count: 0
vdc uptime: 0 day(s), 22 hour(s), 58 minute(s), 58 second(s)
vdc restart count: 0
vdc type: Ethernet
vdc supported linecards: m1 f1 m1xl m2xl


switch# show inter bri

Port   VRF          Status IP Address                              Speed    MTU
mgmt0  --           down   --                                      --       1500

Ethernet      VLAN    Type Mode   Status  Reason                   Speed     Por
Interface                                                                    Ch
Eth1/1        --      eth  routed up      none                       1000(D) --
Eth1/2        --      eth  routed down    Administratively down      auto(D) --
Eth1/3        --      eth  routed down    Administratively down      auto(D) --
Eth1/4        --      eth  routed down    Administratively down      auto(D) --
Eth1/5        --      eth  routed down    Administratively down      auto(D) --


Eth1/48       --      eth  routed down    Administratively down      auto(D) --

Interface Secondary VLAN(Type)                    Status Reason                 
Vlan1     --                                      down   Administratively down 


Cisco Employee

F2e can do layer 3 only if it's in a VDC without M cards. Check out the supported functions on this matrix. It just doesn't mention that you can't mix the F2e with M for layer 3 to work.