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Nexus 7000 FCoE between datacenters


Hi experts,

Does anybody know what the max distance is for FCoE between datacenters?
Is there a difference between F1 and F2 linecards, considering this distance?



Prashanth Krishnappa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Currently max distance supported for lossless fabric is upto 20km with both F1/F2 cards.



Thanks for your reply Prashanth,

Can you please point me to some documentation about the distance limits?



Hi Prashanth,

Correct me if i'm wrong, but the document states:

Maximum lossless link distance: 40km



I see Maximum lossless link distance 20KM

You are right, the document says 20KM. The description on the site itself says 40KM.
Now i'm wondering which one is right.

Curently 20KM is what has been tested and certified.

I don't get this really. Nobody at Cisco can give me a definite answer without pointing me to the proper documentation.

Your colleague gives me the following details:

F1 supports 20 km with ER With 6.1 and sup2,

F2 module will support 80km with xWDM optics

Please explain why 40km is listed at the IEEE Data Center Bridging (DCB) Features on

I guess this details need to be clear and accesible for everyone. How is a customer supposed to adopt FCoE, while technical requirements and limitations aren't properly listed at all?

Also, can anyone please explain how FCoE is supposed to work in a xWDM configuration?

Both the F1 and F2 linecards do support xWDM SFPs according to the data sheets. Both data sheets refer to for CWDM modules and for DWDM module to for DWDM.

These links however only describe 1000BASE SFPs! What about 10GBASE SFPs?

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