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Ariq Ibne Aziz

Nexus Swithc 5548UP Config/Solution Help required


Im new and im really in a bad situation.

I have a scenario where i have to deploy a Nexus -switch (5548UP)

I have never worked on this product and really don't know what are the things i have to configure !!!!

Can anyone share some examples using which i can step forward ?

All I need to do is sync my Storage(Dell-FC) and 2 servers(Dell) with the nexus switch(5548-UP)

A little step by step guide /blogs/ template/example will be very much helpful.

Network diagram is attached. kindly check.


Accepted Solutions

Regarding zoning, please check

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Walter Dey

see eg.

I don't understand your configuration ? storage is connected with FC, servers is connected with Ethernet ?

How should a server Access any lun on the storage ?

Servers are connected to nexus Switch by

SFP-H10GB-ACU7M Active Twinax cable assembly, 7m

So, will not it work ? Please guide .

Will / must the server Access data (lun's) on the storage Subsystem ?

If yes, how ?

Storage Subsystem is connected to N5k with native FC.

Server with Ethernet and TCP/IP ? which cannot work.

Only solution: server runs FCoE, which I don't know if it interoperates with N5k ?


Sorry , i have done some studies and found that the below cable will be used as FCOE cable.

SFP-H10GB-ACU7M Active Twinax cable assembly, 7m

I hope it clears everything.As a network guy(me) i was considering it Ethernet cable which will be inserted to Ethernet ports.


FCoE is Ethernet, in fact lossless Ethernet !

This means, that between server and N5K you run FCoE, and between N5k and storage classical FC.

N5k is doing the conversion between FCoE and FC.

What Kind of network adaptor is in your server ?

So far i have configured the  8 FC port and 1 FCOE port(used only 1 FCOE of my database server as a test). i have attached the Configuration file. kindly check . please let me know if my configs are ok.

NOte: PWWN of FCOE are not showing in "show FLOGI" database command.

what config is missing for the Fcoe ?

the only remaining thing is the Zoning. i have no idea what zones should i config to make everything functional.

Do i have to create 1 zone and make all FC and FCOE ports as members of that zone ? please guide.

Still don't have a clue how your server is configured ? which network adaptor ?

see eg.

Best Practices for Configuring an FCoE Infrastructure with Dell Compellent and Cisco Nexus

Server is Dell power Edge R730

Adapter is : Qlogic BCM57810 10Gigabit ethernet

The Cable i am using is Dell Networking Cable SFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE Copper Twinax Direct attach cable 3 meter.

This thing seems working right now :)

Nexus-SW(config-if)# show flogi database
INTERFACE        VSAN    FCID           PORT NAME               NODE NAME
fc1/9            100   0xc30000  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:14 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/10           100   0xc30060  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:06 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/11           100   0xc30080  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:12 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/12           100   0xc30041  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:08 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/13           100   0xc30040  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:05 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/14           100   0xc300a0  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:15 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/15           100   0xc30043  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:07 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
fc1/16           100   0xc30042  50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:13 50:00:d3:10:00:aa:a1:00
vfc7             100   0xc300c0  20:01:00:0e:1e:99:c4:81 20:00:00:0e:1e:99:c4:81
vfc8             100   0xc30100  20:01:00:0e:1e:99:c4:83 20:00:00:0e:1e:99:c4:83

Total number of flogi = 10.

Im still missing my 2 Vfc ... which are of Data base server. Cant work on DB right now :| any way. Still working on it.

Regarding zoning, please check

View solution in original post

Thank you for the links you have shared.

those were really very helpful for understanding.

Today i have successfully completed the config in my nexus 5548. I was able to config the storage and provided the LUN to my desired server.

Any way i have attached the config file with diagram. this might be helpful to others.

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