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TMG Brand Protection Label Spec Change FAQ


Cisco has finalized our TMG Brand Protection label specification and moving specification 95-9571-05 to Rev A0 status.  The highlighted changes from our prior preliminary “_03” specification include:

  • Font and Size recommendation
  • Updated laser notice statement
  • DAC product specification information
  • Minor edits and clarifications

By now, Cisco’s label supplier – CCL -  has provided a sample roll of updated security labels to each active TMG supplier for the form factors and PIDs each support. Please refer to your email for detailed instructions.


Specification 95-9571-05_A0.



1. Are consumption and use of the previous -04 labels still allowed?

Answer: Yes, Consumption and use of the -04 version labels may continue until June 30, 2021, or until depletion of -04 stock.  If there are any concerns with existing inventory which may extend beyond June 2021, please inform your Commodity Manager and the Cisco team cc’ed on this email.


2. During production cut-over from -04 to -05, are modules with different labels allowed in the same clamshell, box, or pallet?

Answer: Yes, Cisco’s DF and CM sites will allow for a mix of modules with -04 and -05 labels within the transition timeframe defined below.


3. Can -05 label content be printed on -04 labels?

Answer: No, -05 content MAY NOT be printed on -04 labels.  Likewise, -04 content MAY NOT be printed on -05 labels. 


4. Should label samples be shipped to Cisco if prior samples were printed using 95-9571-05 Rev 03 specification already shipped?

Answer: Yes, given the importance of the Rev A0 specification changes, we’re asking supplier to submit samples based on this updated A0 spec.   

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