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Accessing the web gui of switch

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Level 1

So I have 2 vlans. One called infrastructure and another called general. 


Infrastructure has firewalls and switches (6x sg500 52mp l2 mode) and servers. 

general has the users and end user machines, and my pc. 


I have set set up on my firewall intervlan routing, so from my pc on general, I can access the servers and firewall on infrastructure . 


The weird thing is, that I can’t access any of my switches. The page just times out. 

the only way to access the web gui is to switch my pc to the infrastructure vlan. Which isn’t convenient. 


Seems weird i can access everything thing else just not the switches 

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Level 8
Level 8


 How are the switches setup? Do they have a default gateway set? Can you ping the switches?




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switches are set up in l2 mode. Management interface has been set to the infrastructure vlan, with an ip on that range.

Firewalls have been set up to do the routing. This is confirmed working because i can access the firewall (infrastructure vlan) from my pc (general vlan)


I cannot ping the switch from the general vlan. However, I can ping my servers...

I tried pinging my pc from the switch interface, it fails. I try to ping my servers, it works (i guess as its on the same vlan)




has any one got any further thoughts on this? Im setting up another environment and facing the same issue.


I am on the general vlan, and i can access everything on the infrastructure vlan, except for the web gui of the cisco switches.


Can you ping those IPs?

Have uou set the default gateway in switch?

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