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CBS350-24T-4G - Ingress Limit

Warren Hall

Hi There, 

I've got a bit of a weird issue - I have the unique requirement to rate limit a couple of access ports on a Cisco CBS350 switch for one of our customers.

I've tested the config on a couple of switches we keep around for testing, and am seeing weird results:

- Egress limiting works fine, all the way up to 1Gb. 

- Ingress limiting provides very inconsistent results. If I set the ingress limit to 100000Kbit/s and leave the CBS limit default, I see 10-20Mbps in speed tests/iPerf/SMB file transfers. This throughput remains until I set the ingress limit to around 600Mbps.

I've tried: 

-Updating FW to latest version

-Resetting switch to factory defaults and setting up a basic config

-Configuring rate-limit from CLI and GUI 

-Tried the same config on another switch to rule out a HW issue

CPU usage is sat at less than 5% for the duration of the test so I can't see this being a CPU limit? Kind of stuck on where to go next.

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