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CCA not seeing SRW224G4P switch

Robert Prideaux
Level 1
Level 1

Have deployed a few of these - and am truly frustrated that I cannot see then in the topolgy, let alone actually manage them.

Can someone tell me why such a ubiquitous switch is not supported.

Even the SmartPort utility is useless - CCA (3.3.1 and earlier) gives an error saying a port is incorrectly configured (I pluggged it into an exp port on the UC560 as I gave up trying to get a working uplink to an ESW-540-24P).

The Smartport port function wants the exp port (on the UC560)  to be configured as a "Phone/Desktop" - if I try to change it to a "switch", it refuses to accept it saying the "Macro is unsuitable - or similar"

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Level 3
Level 3

Hello Robert

I apologize about the problems you are having with the CCA. You mentioned the SRW224G4P. Is that the orginal Linksys by Cisco branded device or the Cisco branded SRW224G4P-K9 (SF 300-48)? The SF 300 series has recently come out with a new firmware release that allows it to work with the CCA. Unfortunately the other SRW will not work with the CCA.

Hi Robert

No, it is the older, Linksys unit. (mind you, it is less than 12 months old! J)

Damn shame; as they were being sold by Disty’s last year with a good rebate scheme = good selling options for SMB clients to contain a UC500 deployment cost…


Robert Prideaux


Ailean OnLine