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How to configure multicast on SG300-20 for VMware vSAN


I have a home lab setup with a single SG300-20 (firmware, L3 mode) connected to a server with 4 NICs running ESXi 6.0. I have a number of virtual machines running ESXi 6.0 (nested ESXi). Because the nested ESXi hosts are connected by a virtual switch on the physical ESXi host normally (unicast) traffic between these virtual machines does not need to go to the physical switch (SG300). This version of vSAN has a requirement for multicast. There is a test built-in to vSAN for multicast that indicates all is not well. I have experimented with different settings on the switch (enabling/disabling IGMP snooping and querier) which changes the results of this test. I have a dedicated VLAN and subnet exclusively for VLAN traffic. The best results seem to be when both IGMP snooping and IGMP querier are both enabled.

One thing I have done on the nested ESXi hosts is add add a static route for the multicast address ( to the network interface (vmk4) dedicated to vSAN[1]:

Network   Netmask         Gateway  Interface Source
-------   -------         -------  --------- ------
default vmk0      MANUAL  vmk0      MANUAL  vmk1      MANUAL  vmk2      MANUAL  vmk4      MANUAL vmk4      MANUAL

This didn't seem to make much of a difference. Having read the section on Multicasting in "Cisco_300Sx_v1_4_AG.pdf" I'm still not sure what, if any, changes I should be making to the SG300. I really don't know multicasting, so I'm kinda stuck.

Any suggestions?



[1] vSAN Multicast performance test fails (2135495)

... which lead me to section "Multicast performance test of Virtual SAN health check does not run on Virtual SAN network " ...

VMware Virtual SAN 6.1 Release Notes

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Has anyone setup multicast/IGMP on a SG300?

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