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How to interconnect two CBS250-24P-4X with 10G SFP+ fiber patch cable?

Level 1
Level 1

I just want a faster connection between those two CBS250 switches instead of 1GbE copper cable?

As stacking seems not available, what else could work, VLAN, trunk?


If I plug-in a compatible 10Gtek SFP+ transceiver (each on port #1), the switch is no more reachable via 1GbE copper cable, all connected 1GbE-devices are no more reachable in our small offline-LAN incl. DHCP-router. PC got weird address 169.254.x.x., CBS250 status-LED on the lower left corner is blinking for over 5 minutes (still booting and self-testing?), a reset helped (with empty SFT+), but still no solution for a fiber interconnect. Latest firmware applied of course! Adding compatible fiber patch cable (factory assembled, cross, multi-mode, LC-LC, OM3, 30 meter) instead of 1GbE copper standard interconnect doesn't change the behavior.


What did I wrong? Should it work out-of-the-box or do I have to apply some magic tricks inside the switch-webOS-GUI before populating the SFP+ port? Should I unplug all 1 GbE device via copper cables before? Boot-up the switch with DHCP-router enabled or not?

Thanks & regards


PS: Is that where the price difference comes from between CBS250 and CBS350?

150 EUR more just for doubled MAC-addresses and stacking-option?


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