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How to stack a SG500 and SG500X switch?

Hi, I've been trying to stack three switches a SG500-28P a SG500-52P and a SG500X-28P - the SG500s stack fine, however when I added the 500x to the stack, the unit deactivated itself and took itself off the network - not good as it was the core switch! 

Any ideas what's going on, are they using a different stack protocol to the others - I was just going for native and 5G ? 

Firmware was 1.3

Many thanks,



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V K Moorthy
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SG500 and SG500x only supports native stacking.

Native Stacking—A device is capable of joining other devices in native 
mode with its stack ports to form a stack. All units in a native stack must be 
of the same type (all Sx500 or all SG500X).

See the attachment






Hi Moorthy - thanks for that, I wasn't too sure something had changed in firmware 1.4, as I had half read something on the web in another forum with people saying it was going to be the case that you could stack between 500 and 500X, but can't find the link again!

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Hybrid stack

A mix of SF500, SG500, and SG500X in the same stack (10/100, Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit).

EDIT - will create a new post, get a bit more visibility.

Moorthy / vsmazhevski  - How do you introduce a sg500x-28 into an existing sg500-52P stack (3 units) without breaking configuration?

SG500's are stacked as device 1 <-> cu1m(cable) <-> device 2 <-> cu1m - device 3 - cu3m back to device 1.

1 - Change the stacking mode to hybrid (basic or advanced?)?

2 - unplug cu3m from device 3 and plug into to sg500x (new! device 4), add in additional cu1m from device 3 to device 4 to complete the stack, power on device 4 and hope for the best?