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How to trunking between catalyst 3750 and sg200

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hi every one , i hope you guys can help me

the problem to solve is exactly what i posted in title

i can conect and have access to config web page for sg200-50, using the port 49 or 50, in catalyst 3750 and also in the sg200 i am using trunking ports so i have conection between them

but at the time i conect them, it lost conection on all other port in the sg200, so no one host can reach internet or even use the network,, i already created 4 more vlan´s than the native vlan and no one of them is working

the only way to put it to work it was use an access port in the catalyst 3750 for a single vlan and plug the sg200 for use it only in one Vlan, but of course, i need to use more vlan´s

by the way, at the time i configure the trunking port´s, i not changing any other configuration!!

so the question´s are;

is this normal ?
i lost conection because i didnt finish yet to set it up? in that case, what else i need to set up ?
or i just trying to do something it can´t be posible with these two switch´s?

by the way to, i tried to follow the video support about this particular issue on youtube and didnt work.

help with teamviewer or any other software will be welcome

thanks to every one for any help.

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Level 7

The concept of a Trunk port is the same on the 3750 and the SGxxx series, its just an 802.1Q Trunk.

One Vlan is untagged (i.e. native) and other Vlans are tagged.

Vlan 1 is the native vlan for Trunk ports by default on both these switches.

The Catalyst is a doddle to setup via the CLI:

interface gi0/1
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk

This creates a static trunk port (substitute interface number as appropriate) with Vlan 1 as the untagged native and the rest will be tagged if they need to send traffic across the link.

The SG200 switches only have a GUI, i.e. no CLI.

You need to make sure the port is configured as a Trunk and not an access port and untagged vlan is set to 1.

You then just add each vlan you want to tag.

A trunk on the SGxx can only have one untagged vlan (the same as the catalyst) so as long as this is set to Vlan 1, the only other config is to set which vlans you want to tag.

Is your management IP for the SG200 in Vlan 1?

This guide should help:


Thanks for replying, I already tried everything you tell me, with CLI for the switch catalyst and for SG200 switch with the web interface but it still does not work

The access ports continue to lose connection at the time of assigning the trunq port, even so I will try to continue configuring the access ports even if I lose the connection with the first step

After doing it I tell you how I was, thanks for the help.

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