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isolate groups in the same switch



I am new in Cisco, I have a good knowledge in Mikrotik and trying now to work with Cisco

I have a Cisco 3560G catalyst 24 ports + 4 SFP ports

what I need is to make groups of ports where in each group the ports can communicate withe each other but the groups must be isolated from each other except one group who can see and communicate with all groups and ports 

the scenario are :

group 1 : port 1 to port 12

group 2 : port 17 to port 20 + SFP 25

group 3 : port 21 to port 24 + SFP 26

group 4 : port 13 to port 16 ( can communicate with all groups and ports )



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Hi Mon,

You can achive this with VLAN configuration , All you have to do is create 4 VLAN and configure the ports to respective VLAN. And you have to configure VLAN-ACL to stop Inter-VLAN communication

As you said only one segment should be communicating with the others, you may also have to configure VLAN interface for that particular VLAN.

Here VLAN interface is needed if you have to communicate to a different network segment i.e Group or vlan

I couldnt give you the VLAN configuration example. But a simple googling should help you!!



Dear Tilak

where can I find VLAN-ACL ?

If I may make a suggestion I have 2 books for quick reference: CCNP SWITCH PORTABLE COMMAND GUIDE and CCNP ROUTE PORTABLE COMMAND GUIDE both are on amazon. They are awesome for those quick and dirty commands needed on the go.

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