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Need cabling advice to connect C3750G48TS and SG300-20 using SFP (home lab)


I have:

(1) 2 x C3750G48TS

(2) 1 x SG300-20

(3) everything contained in a standard 19 inch rack, therefore the maximum cable distance would be no more than 3m (10 ft).


I need to connect these together. While I could use Cat 5/6 copper I would like to use the SFP interfaces just to dip my toe into the water. I will be adding more network gear at a later time to leverage the 10 Gpbs NICs (Dell/Broadcomm dual port 10G) in my servers. I mention this in case it might be better in the long run to focus on 10 Gpbs cabling.


Based on the research so far it kinda looks like I need:

(1) 2 x Cisco GLC-T (

(2) 2 x Cisco/Linksys MGBSX1 ( and

(3) 2 x OM3 or OM4 cable (


Do I have this right?

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You are correct direction, look at the SFP compatable matrix also for reference :


if you looking 10 GB SFP you need to 10GB which can support 1GB/10GB, so in the later days you can move to 10GB as per the requirement.(rather you invest in 1GB SFP now, later it will be usefull, if you have all requirement 10GB.)





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Seeing that there are no 10 Gbps options for the SG300 sticking to the MGBSX1 seems like the best option.


On the other hand the 3700 does have 10 Gbps options and it appears that the SFP-10G-SR ( would be re-usable in a future 10 Gbps switch including, but not limited to, a SG550XG-8F8T-K9-NA (

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