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Questions on setup my SG-300-10MP switch

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Level 1

hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your help in advanced. I never been in this community before.

I just got the new SG-300 switches. My manager ordered for me. I did not know how it runs until now... not an IOS based. I really do not know how to configure it.

Anyway, I have a 3750 switch configured already in a new site. It has two vlans, one is vlan 11 for PC, and one is for VOIP vlan 320. It has auto qos running as well. I just setup a trunk for the new SG-300 switch.

Now on the new small switch SG 300...I have some questions:

1.) I also created two vlans, one is VLAN11 (for PC), and one is VLAN 320. For this one I go to the Web-GUI and assign the 320 to the VOICE Vlan. I also changed the CoS to 5 (from 6). Are these ok?

2.) On the port number 9, it is trunk by default, so I add both 11 and 320 to the trunk and leave the rest settings default. It is ok too right?

3.) On a Access port #1, which will have a IP phone attached with a PC plug in. What I did is to change the Interface Vlan mode to "GENERAL". Is that right? I also "CHECK" the Auto Voice VLAN Membership box. And the Voice VLAN QoS mode leaves it as Telephony Source MAC ADDRESS. Did I do all these right?

4.) Finally, for the QoS part...I leave them all default untouch - which is the Basic QoS defualt... I am not sure if this will be fine. I know the enterprise switch can assign an Auto-QOS command and it would do all the config itself. Or may you mind if you would share your QoS config settings?

I am more concerned about the QoS settings here. Hope you can help.

Thank you very much.

Takami Chiro

4 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions


In the case of the Cisco 7961 (and other phones that support LLDP-MED), you can assign the VLAN settings to the phone using the LLDP-MED functions on the switch.

You have to

- enable voice vlan

- add MAC OUI

- set the port on auto voice vlan

- enable LLDP-MED globally

- create a network policy to assign VLAN320

- assign this network policy to the port the phone is connected to

Hope this helps,



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