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SF302-08P layer 3 mode

Luis Azedo
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Level 1


i'm trying to configure SF302-08P in layer 3 mode.

ports 1 to 8 have ip phones and desktops, port GE1 in connected to a router (not cisco) that links to the internet.

i created vlan 100 and assigned to ports 1 to 8 (untagged)

i created vlan 200 and assigned to port ge1 (untagged)

activated dhcp server , created pool with gw

                       |router A| ( gw



                           | GE1 (

                       | SF302-08P |



SPA504G+DESKTOP |    SPA504G+DESKTOP            

the problem that i'm facing is that SPA504G and desktops access the internet with their inter address and not

is there a way to achieve what i'm looking ? how does routing work in this case ? shouldn't there be some kind of NAT ?

thank you

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Level 1

Hello Luis,

Is there a particular reason that the switch needs to be in Layer 3 Mode?

I think your scenario would work better if you configure NAT on your router and let the router act as the DHCP server. Then, the switch could be in Layer 2 Mode.



i need to use separate vlan for voice/data and provide dhcp .

upstream router is very basic, doesn't support vlan or dhcp options for provisioning.

Please review this topic for all needed information


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