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SG-200-50 LACP problems

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Hello I have an Cisco SG-200-50 Switch and i have a problem with the LACP configuration. Actually I have an HP ProCurve 1800-24G Switch and here I configure LACP. On my PC (Windows 10) I have already activatet Teaming / LACP. All works fine. The error: When I configure on the Cisco Switch LACP, and only the PC was connectet with the Switch, an I Ping countinous in an commad window the IP for the Switch, i become some errors or the Network was unreachable. When i deactivate the LACP configuration on the Switch, the Ping was running fin without errors. How can I fix this error? King regards Frank Hauer
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Ingrid Aragon
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Level 1

Frank, I am a Cisco Engineer from the Small Business department.

Based on the switch.png image, I noticed that you are using the LAG standard. Since the other device is not a Cisco device, you must configure LACP.

In order for LACP to create a LAG, the ports on both links ends should be configured for LACP, meaning that the ports send LACP PDUs and handle received PDUs.

Click here to open the administration guide for this switch model, you will find the information on Chapter 9.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you need any further information/assistance.

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Thanks for the Answer.

The other device was an PC with an Dual Intel Networkcard.
Here i have already configurated LACP.

I don't know what here is wrong.

King regards

Frank Hauer

Now i have look on the Intel Homepage and i download the latest drivers and install this.
After this i configurated LACP and now all works fine.
I apologize for this inconvenience