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SG200-18 Warranty


I have just purchased SLM2016T-UK (SG200-18) and trying to register the warranty online (was told by the reseller to do so) but I can't find any link direct me to the correct site.

can anyone help?


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Hello Derrick,

The warranty is based on the serial number of the unit. Did you purchase a service contract with your switch? For support you will have to register as a user, which can be done at

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

I did not purchase any service contract.

You mean in order to get the product under warranty, I also need to purchase the service contract?

I was told by the reseller to register on line for product warranty when I asked for a warranty card.

I have registered as a user but don't find any column to input my serial number. Except i have added a new product of my Cisco switch. Does that mean when come to warranty claim, I can base on this info imputed?


The SG200 comes with 1 year free technical support. It is not necessary to buy a support contract during this time. The warranty for the device is based on the serial number so no registration of the switch is needed.

If you need any assistance with the switch, we can be reached by phone anytime. Here is a link for calling the SBSC-

Thanks Robert for the clarification.

I choose Ciscio instead of Dlink and hope I got the right choice.

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