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SG300-10/20 - How do I change the default IPv4 route, web GUI, ssh or console are all fine

In the IPv4 Static Routing Table below, The switch is assigning a VLAN (and associated subnet) to a subnet/route that has zero access to my management network. How do I change the Default Route to VLAN1 and the subnet associated with VLAN1? This is a big problem for me. 


IPv4 Static Routing Table
Destination IP PrefixPrefix LengthRoute TypeNext Hop Router IP AddressRoute OwnerMetricAdministrative DistanceOutgoing Interface 1018 Directly Connected VLAN 1022 Directly Connected VLAN 1057 Directly Connected VLAN 1073 Directly Connected VLAN 1077 Directly Connected VLAN 1080 Directly Connected VLAN 1 Directly Connected VLAN 1090 Directly Connected VLAN 1099
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Aleksandra Dargiel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I am not sure if this is not too late.But in case anyone else has the same type of question. Do you have DHCP client on VLAN 1018?

Basically if you configure statically desired route next hop 10.25.25.x with lower metric that should be on the top of the routing table on condition that VLAN 1 is up, meaning you have at least one port in VLAN 1 which is up.



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