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SG300-10 Layer3 - HELP! Change default IPv4 route + Stacking 2x SG300-10 Switches

I have two issues.

First, my SG300-10's default IPv4 route keeps defaulting to the lowest numbered subnet I put on the switch. I'm using 10.xx.xx.0/24 subnets. My VLAN1 is on subnet and VLAN11 is my WiFi guest access with subnet. The SG300-10 keeps making the default route with a "next hop" of This is a problem as VLAN11 is locked down like crazy and cannot access anything other than restricted and filtered internet. 

How do I change the setting so that the default route and owner are subnet


Second is adding a second switch to the network. Switch 1 will have ports 7&8 in a non-LACP LAG which will plug into Switch #2's ports 9&10. Do I set that switch up the same as the top level one or do I need it to have switch #1 as its "next hop"?

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Aleksandra Dargiel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee