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SG300-10MPP on a large network

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Level 1

Can I use the SG300-10MPP on a lager layer 2 network ( lager than class C).  I have layer 2 switch with vlan1 ip is and default-gateway is and with this config I am unable communicate with switch or switch can't communicate with tacacs, radius, etc. I can't even ping the default-gateway from the switch, but if I change the vlan ip to ( same class C range as default-gateway) every thing works fine.

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Chandra, I could not recreate this. I have created a SVI at /22 on a switch then I took a layer 2 switch and assign it with gateway This is able to ping successful from within either switch.

Do you have any special routing such as a VRF, VPRN, Route protocol (OSPF, BGP, etc) ?

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Tom, (cisco WS-C4506-E) is running OSPF. I open a TAC with Cisco and they spend almost a half a day trying to figure out the problem. Finally they send me a new switch and it is doing the same thing. The PC's I connect to the switch have no problem communicating with network, only issue I have is management of the switch.