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SG300: Differences between HW VID=1 and HW VID=2

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What are the differences between HW VID=1 and HW VID=2 in Cisco SG300 switches? I am about to purchase a couple SG300-10MPs, and I would like to know the answer to this question. Also, is it possible to determine what hardware version a switch is by looking at the back of the switch. If so, what does the label say exactly?


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Tarquin Joseph
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You will find what you need in the release notes for SW version 1.1.  See here:

The differences are listed under the section "Hardware Versions".  You can determine the hardware version by clicking Status > System > Summary. From the release notes - "Look at the lower portion of the screen under the graphic representation of the switch for the PID VID."



Thanks, the Release Notes is where I learned about the two hardware versions of the SG300 Series switches. I was looking for more information, though.

I asked the question of the Product Manager (PM) probably 9 months or so ago,  as I had a early release version of the Switch. 

The PM told me functionally they were identical, end of conversation between me and the PM.

regards Dave

There is a difference though.

VID=2 supports more VLANS, MAC addresses and multicast groups when using the upgraded firmware.

I thought that was clear from the document.  It's something to consider if you intend on using these switches in a cascaded design I suppose but I can't see you getting up to 4K MAC addresses using theses switches.

The only thing I can think of is that the VID=2 has more memory and processing power allowing it to handle the larger tables.