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SG300 Link Aggregation and Wake On Lan

Brian Thompson


Having issues waking NAS devices using a magic packet when using link aggregation on an SG300-28 switch.

Without link aggregation everything works fine so I know the magic packet is being generated correctly and the NAS device is correctly configured to wake. After configuring link aggregation the device does not wake. Have tried dynamic (LACP) and static link aggregation but neither allowed the device to wake? When the NAS is powered off, the ports in the LAG still show as being connected at 100M but it appears the magic packet is not being transmitted.

Is this the expected behaviour of the switch? Any settings I'm missing?



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David Hornstein
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Brian,

I have  a NSS324 (NAS)  on a SG300-10P switch.

Two GbE links from my NAS in a Link aggregation  group on my switch,  I did not have LACP enabled. 

I am having no trouble waking up my NAS from it's slumber.

I also have tried, two links from my NAS to one or more switches without LACP and Link Aggregation enabled,  but run my NAS GbE links was  in primary and backup mode.

Again not a problem. WOL worked fine. 

I am happy to run my Small Business NAS GbE interfaces in,  Active and  Backup modes where it  uses just one GbE adapter. It switches to the second adapter if the first adapter fails. Only one slave in the bond is active. The bond’s MAC address is only visible externally on one port (network adapter) to avoid confusing the switch. Active Backup mode provides fault  as well as switch tolerance.

Personally, load balancing isn't a big deal; for me as;

  • I like having NAS ethernet  redundancy between switches rather than on a single switch.
  • read write throughput doesn't even come close to gigabit speed on your netgear NAS or my NAS, so I am happier to have switch redundancy.

Obviously WOL works with my NSS324 and switch , but not your NAS and my switch..

Hopefully someone else will have add some more details  to this reply,  as to why WOL behaves diffferently on different vendors switches  versions of LAG or  teaming or LAG on NIC cards.

regards dave

Maybe to late. But google direct me to this thread....

I have the same issue, and found the solution:

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