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SG500X-48 firmware release notes question


I have an SG500X-48 with firmware 1.3.5

I did not upgrade to 1.4.0.x because the release notes said

Problem: When Sx500 devices are connected in a ring topology, the IP mroute entry, learned through IGMP proxy, flaps. (CSCun67979)

Solution: There is no workaround.

Now a  version is released and this problem is not in the caveats for, but it is still in the release notes under the heading 1.4.0.x

It is not mentioned in the "Issues Addressed" section


Two questions

1. if a caveat is mentioned in 1.4.0.x but not in does that mean the problem is RESOLVED in or are the caveats cumulative?

2. my SX500s are in a ring, is the problem mentioned significant, as I don't really understand the implications?


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Yiu Kay Lee
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Page 10 of firmware release note 'R_1_4_1_RN.pdf' mentions the bug CSCun67979


There is a rfc4605 on IGMP Proxy. The RFC is not long (nine pages) and should be able to shed some light to your question of whether the caveat is significant for you.


You can always call the SMB support center to open a service request if you still have concern.




Yiu Kay Lee


Concentrix at Cisco

.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Yiu Kay Lee | SMB Pre-Sales | | Phone +1 (855) 354-7776


I'm sure I won't be able to understand an RFC :)

But can you answer my first question. Is this still an issue in


I mentioned the rfc because I do not know your network and am not able to say whether the software bug is or is not significant to your network.

The software bug CSCun67979 status is listed as 'no workaround' in the firmware release note which means firmware is not able to resolve the bug.

Please give SMB tech support a call. SMB Support Center phone number can be found here:




Yiu Kay Lee


Concentrix at Cisco

.:|:.:|:. CISCO | Yiu Kay Lee | SMB Pre-Sales | | Phone +1 (855) 354-7776




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